How the Kremlin Silences its Enemies Forever

MH-17 : Remembering the Dead Six Years Later

As the Dutch Government Brings Russia to Trial, We Look Back on the MH17 Tragedy 

From Trotsky to Navalny

Russia’s History of Killing Their Own

Putin's Collateral Damage

Disposable. Insignificant. Irrelevant. How the Kremlin views European Citizens

Belarus Shows Europe How to Stand up to Russia

While Most of Europe Continues to Turn a Blind Eye to Russia’s Meddling, Tiny but Strong Belarus Says Enough

Putin Discards Women: By Divorce, Imprisonment, and Murder

Europe - Putin's Killing Field

Europe Has Become a Pawn in Putin’s Game of Murder

Tears and Terror in the Tiergarten - Part 2

Russia Assassinates Asylum Seeker on German Soil – Germany Fights Back

Tears and Terror in the Tiergarten - Part 1

Tears and Terror as Russia Violates German Sovereignty to Murder Rival in Berlin Family Park

Can't Touch This

Bulgarian Officials in Sofia Charge Russian Operatives in the Attempted Murder of Bulgarian Citizen and his Son

The Candy Man Part 2 - It Was All a Dream

Sick Assassination Fantasies Spread by an Official at the Russian Embassy in Prague Lead to the Expulsion of Two Czech-Based Diplomats

The Candy Man

Russian Embassy in Prague Requests Protection After One of Their Own Gets Caught in Assassination Plot

Doctors Without Windows

Three Russian Doctors ‘Fall’ Out of Windows After Complaints About Putin’s COVID-19 Strategy

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Who Are We

Who I am is not important but what I say is…For years, my colleagues and I have tried to provide the truth behind the ongoing campaign of ‘death by assassination’ by Russia…and Putin in particular…