About US

Who I am is not important but what I say is…

For years, my colleagues and I have tried to provide the truth behind the ongoing campaign of ‘death by assassination’ by Russia…and Putin in particular. While this is a sensitive topic, it is our responsibility to report this information. Silence is the equivalent to complacency and it ends now.

This blog was created after years of suppression as Russia continues to violate the sovereignty of European nations to settle scores and intimidate those they view as enemies. They are in our backyards, killing in our streets, conducting surveillance against private citizens in our coffee shops. It is time for the public to be aware of what is happening and to voice to our governments across Europe that the time for fear and silence is over and that we must act now to stop this Russian aggression.

With the help of some of my brave, and equally frustrated, colleagues, we will share with you stories and analysis of Russian assassination campaigns that are happening now and that have happened in the past. We welcome your comments and urge you to share information.

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