Belarus Shows Europe How to Stand up to Russia

While Most of Europe Continues to Turn a Blind Eye to Russia's Meddling, Tiny but Strong Belarus Says Enough

"The Order was to Wait"

 Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko comments on the arrest of dozens of Russian Wagner Group mercenaries after receiving information that more than 200 fighters had entered the country to destabilize it before a presidential election.

The group of mercenaries arrived in Minsk on 25 July, where they spent two days in a hotel before moving to a sanatorium outside the Belarusian capital. “The guests drew attention to themselves because they did not behave like Russian tourists usually do and wore military-style clothing,” Belarusian news outlet Belta reported.

As Belarusian news outlets broadcast video of the arrest of the men in their underwear, their belongings were scattered for inspection. Amongst the hired soldiers’ possessions were Sudanese currency and a Sudanese phone card, suggesting the men may have been en rout to Africa after they completed their mission in tiny European nation.

While Russia denied the group had any ill intentions in Belarus and was simply using the country as a stop over on their way elsewhere, President Lukashenko wasn’t appeased by what he called “bullshit”. Lukashenko accused Russia of lying not only about the group who was arrested by asserted there were more Wagner mercenaries currently being hunted down in the country….“We’ll catch them all”.

“All this about Istanbul, Venezuela, Africa and Libya – it’s a lie. These people – they have already given testimony – were sent into Belarus on purpose. The order was to wait,” Mr Lukashenko said, in his televised annual address.

He said the Russians could have flown directly to an overseas destination – there was no need for them to enter Belarus to do so.”So far there is no open warfare, no shooting, the trigger has not yet been pulled, but an attempt to organise a massacre in the centre of Minsk is already obvious,” he alleged.

While this story is shocking, it’s not surprising. Russia has been sending their hired goons all over Europe to murder and disrupt with very few repercussions from the governments of the countries they invade.

What is surprising is that Belarus, a country 1.5 times smaller than the UK and nearly 3 times smaller than France would be the European nation to stand up to Russia’s bullying. While other governments and political leaders continue to allow Russia to violate their sovereignty time after time, it was the leaders in Belarus who decided to make it clear that their citizens would no longer be pawns in Putin’s game of European control.

We have had enough. We deserve more from our government leaders. It is time to follow Belarus’ lead and stand up for us! Take action! Find and arrest the Russian operatives in our countries and make an example of them. We will be watching and waiting.


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