Bulgaria Ties

We have previously discussed the poisoning of arms dealer Emilian Gebrev in 2015 and how the Russians are tied to that event. The Russian Government has been tied to four explosions in military warehouses in Bulgaria according to the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office. While the evidence is still coming in, this news came out after the recent Russian Diplomats being expelled from the Czech Republic due to the 2014 explosion of an ammunition depot.

“Over the last 10 years, a number of cases of explosions have been registered in warehouses and production facilities of factories for explosives disposal, production of weapons and ammunition. The Prosecutor’s Office, together with SANS and the General Directorate” said the spokesperson of the Chief Prosecutor Siika Mileva.

The first cases is from November 2011 in the village of Dolni Dol, when a warehouse of the company EMKO of Emilian Gebrev was blown up. A significant amount of ammunition destined for export to Georgia was destroyed. The second case is from 2015 near the village of Iganovo, when a warehouse of VMZ “Sopot” was blown up, where EMKO products were also stored. At the same time, another warehouse of VMZ “Sopot” was destroyed. The fourth case is from 2020, when an arsenal warehouse was blown up near the town of Maglizh.

Mileva explained how three Russian citizens working for Russia’s military intelligence were accused of poisoning Emilian Gebrev, his son, and EMKO’s production director. “It must be concluded with a high degree of credibility that the purpose of the actions of the Russian citizens was to cut off the supply of special products to Georgia and Ukraine,” she added.

“In all four cases, no specific causes of the explosions in the warehouses have been identified. There are no causalities. It has been definitively established that the charges were triggered remotely,” Mileva explained, adding that fires had broken out before all the explosions. According to Mileva, evidence of six Russian citizens is currently being collected, using international cooperation with the Czech Republic.

More and more countries are coming out with new evidence on Russia being tied to horrific events in their country. We are waiting for the evidence to come out for these events, but what’s not to say it has not happened in your country? We ask you to reach out to your leaders and have them investigate the Russian government’s activity inside your country.

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