can you guess who?

We have seen attacks in Eastern, Central, and Western Europe.  These attacks happened either at night or during the day.  The weapons have ranged from guns to poison and collateral damage has come into play which the Russian government ignores when carrying out these attacks.  
In all, we do not know when the Russian government will attack, but we know they have no restrictions.  One region that’s been quiet in this political assassination world, but could be changing is the Scandinavian region.  Could the Russian Government be preparing to attack Scandinavian’s and put fear in the region?

In late February, Chechen blogger, Tumso Abdurakhmanov captured the aftermath of the alleged attack from in his flat reportedly in Sweden via YouTube.  In the video, Abdurakhmanov explains how he fought off the assailant who was lying on the floor covered in a pool of blood.
“Who sent you? Where did you come from?” Abdurakhmanov repeatedly asked the attacker in the video.

The man said he had flown from Moscow to attack him. “They gave me your address,” he said, adding “They are holding my mother.”

The video from YouTube has been removed, but can be found on other streaming sites.

For the last half decade, Abdurakhmanov has lived in exile after receiving what he describes are threats to his life from Chechnya. His YouTube video blog is critical of strongman leader Ramzan Kadyrov.  Abdurakhmanov left Russia in 2015 after a conflict with a relative of Kadyrov.  The Chechen authorities accused Abdurakhmanov of fighting alongside jihadists in Syria.  In March 2018, Chechen parliament speaker Magomed Daudov threatened Abdurakhmanov with a blood feud over his critical remarks.  Abdurakhmanov has since sought sanctuary in Poland but says his asylum bid was rejected in 2018 due to possible security risks for the country.

Recently, Musa Lomayev, a Chechen activist living in Finland since 2007 stated in the press that he is afraid for his life.  Lomayev told local the press that he has received threatening messages from his home country over the past couple of months and believes that he is a subject of assassination in Finland.  In early August, Lomayev was told a half million US dollars would have been promised for his killing.  Lomayev said the messages came from Chechnya from activists with sources in the immediate vicinity of Kadyrov. According to the messages, the entities who ordered the assassination have information about Lomayev, including his place of employment and residence.  “They will handle you now,” the message warned.  He is afraid as his friend was killed in Austria.

Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) – which specializes in combating international, organized, professional, and other serious crimes – detective Mika Ihaksinen refused to comment on the person involved in the case or other details of the criminal suspicion. Nor did he disclose what coercive measures or other powers have been used in the NBI’s case or what kind of cooperation has been established with other authorities, such as the Finnish Security Intelligence Service (STT) and the local police.

According to Lomayev, the Finnish authorities have urged him to stop actively updating his YouTube channel. Lomayev stopped making videos in early September but resumed publishing after the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) verdict.

On the channel, Lomayev criticized Kadyrov and his regime by stating that they torture prisoners and beat people in public. He also talked about the threat he received.

Lomayev has openly talked about the torture he experienced when he was arrested in 2004 due to fighting alongside the independence insurgents in 1999 during the Chechen’s second war. In September, the ECHR verdict noted that the Russian Government violated the European Human Rights Treaty. The third article of the treaty prohibits torture.
In addition, the ECHR also concluded, per the evidence, that Lomayev’s arrest was not registered until over a day had passed since the arrest. Therefore, Russia violated his right to freedom and safety when he was tortured.
“His unregistered arrest left him entirely at the mercy of the detainees, endangering his personal safety and exposing him to assault,” the verdict said.

The ECHR verdict was unanimous. The Russian Government denied the human rights violation. The ECHR ordered the Russian Government to pay Lomayev 50,500 euros in damages and 2,000 euros in litigation costs.
In its decision, the ECHR concealed the petitioners’ names, but STT has confirmed that it was indeed the Musa Lomayev case.
Could the Russian government be making the move up north?  If so, would they care if they harm innocent people in the region?  Would the policymakers push regulations to prevent Russia from meddling in their region and terrorizing their people?


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