Can’t Touch This

Bulgarian officials in Sofia charge russian operatives in the attempted murder of bulgarian citizen

A security camera in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia picked up something unusual on 28 April 2015. A shifty figure, dressed in a hat and gloves, seen smearing a chemical agent to a vehicle in an effort to poison the driver.

Who was this amateur, would-be assassin, dressed like a children’s cartoon villian? That would be Denis Sergeev, identified as a Major General from Russia’s military intelligence, elite overseas clandestine operations Unit 29155.

Yes, I said elite.

Sergeev not only didn’t seem to take the security camera into account while trying to murder his victim, he loitered in the area long enough for the FBI to identify him by video alone…despite his masterful disguise.


The man Sergeev was there to kill was Bulgarian arms dealer, Emilian Gebrev, his son, Hristo Gebrev, and an executive in Gebrev’s company, Emco Odd. All three men became ill but survived the attack on Bulgarian sovereign soil by the Russian assassin.

So who is this assassin and what is this elite group that trained him in the deadly art of smearing poison on car handles? Sergeev, identified as using the false name Sergey Fedotov, is a Russian agent connected with dozens of destabilization operations in Europe and Asia. His Russian military Unit 29155 has been part of a hybrid war orchestrated by the Russian government that likes to mix military confrontation with propaganda, computer hacking, and some disinformation for good measure.

According to media sources, the members of Unit 29155 are working to destabilize Europe, trained in operations of subversion, sabotage, and assassination. Sergeev participated in several known operations to this end, traveling to the UK to coordinate the operation of Col. Chepiga and Col. Mishkin (aka “Boshirov” and “Petrov”) in Salisbury in March 2018.

The ‘elite’ spy is also  under the radar of Spanish investigators, with Judge Manuel Garcia-Castellon of Spain’s High Court, the Audiencia Nacional, opening a sealed probe into the role hi played while in Barcelona. Sergeev traveled to the Catalan capital on at least two occasions – on 5 November 2016 and 29 September 2017…day before the illegal referendum on Catalan independence.

As the charges come out against Sergeev and his associates, we learn more about Unit 29155 and their spread of violence and disinformation throughout Europe. Look for our more thorough investigation into Unit 29155 in the near future and share any information you have as well.

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