Doctors Lives Matter…Not for Putin

We have been pleading with everyone on this site to reach out to his or her leaders to create laws that will protect your country from the Kremlin sending out their minions to silence their critics. We have written how they kill in parks, hotels, day, night, weekend, weekday, weapon, poison, etc. They hold back for nobody!

News just broke that Sergey Maximishin, deputy chief physician of the Russian hospital where opposition leader Alexey Navalny was treated immediately after his poisoning, has died. Initial reports on social media state that his blood pressured spiked and he died of a heart attack. Colleagues who saw him last week are reporting that his death was “very unexpected”. One source told us, “When the doctor was just brought from home, the blood pressure was ‘over 250’. They managed to ‘knock down’ the blood pressure, but the doctor’s heart still could not stand it.”

Maximishin did not give any press briefings at the time of Navalny’s hospitalization. As the hospital’s deputy chief physician for anesthesiology and resuscitation, he was one of the most senior doctors at the hospital. Maximishin was described as having ‘guided Navalny’s treatment’ after his poisoning with the potentially lethal warfare agent, which was allegedly sprinkled in his underpants by an FSB secret service hit squad.

It’s odd how he seemed to be fine and then all of the sudden his blood pressure skyrocketed and then he died of a heart attack. Seems like a similar pattern to previous deaths to which we all find out the Kremlin had an obvious hand in. You can also wonder how odd it is that Navalny was just sentenced and now the doctor that took care of him after he was poisoned with Novichok has died.

We at Killing4Kremlin are pleading for you to reach out to your leaders, policymakers and demand that the EU find out what happened to Maximishin. Not only that, once we find out who was responsible, we plead you message them and post on social media that laws need to be put in place once and for all to make sure innocent people are protected from the monster of Putin and his minions. This MUST STOP, we can’t let this happen.

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