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Three Russian Doctors 'Fall' out of windows after complaints about putin's covid-19 strategy

As the Russian government claims to have control over the Corona virus’ spread through the country, Russian medical workers have told a different story. Three of those doctors have paid for that disclosure with their lives.

In recent weeks, medical workers all over Russia have decried shortages of protective equipment and questionable infection control procedures that turned dozens of hospitals into virus hotbeds. Hundreds of doctors and nurses have now contracted the virus and many have been threatened with loss of their jobs or legal prosecution for taking these concerns public.

Dr. Yelena Nepomnyashchaya 'Falls' from window on 25 april

Dr. Yelena Nepomnyashchaya, acting head of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Hospital for War Veterans, fell 15.24 meters from her fifth floor office. Local media reported that the tragedy took place right after she had a conference call with regional health officials.

Reports state that Dr. Nepomnyashchaya was arguing against repurposing a ward in her hospital for COVID-19 patients because of the severe lack of protective equipment and trained medical personnel. Krasnoyarsk health officials deny that the conference call ever took place.

Deputy head of Krasnoyarsk region’s government, Aleksey Podkorytov, said Dr. Nepomnyashchaya’s fall could have many explanations…”It could have been because it was spring, the overall stress, something in her family.” Officials are clearly alluding to Dr. Nepomnyashchaya’s fall as a suicide.

Dr. Natalya Lebedeva 'Falls' from window on 26 april

Just one day after Dr. Nepomnyashchaya’s fall, the head of emergency medicine at Star City, the main training base for Russia’s cosmonauts, died in a hospital after she fell from a window. Some Russian media are claiming that Dr. Lebedeva was accused of not protecting her staff from becoming infected and committed suicide because of it.

Once again, the narrative of suicide is being pushed by Russian officials.

Dr. Alexander Shulepov 'falls' from window on 2 may

In late April, Dr. Alexander Shulepov – and ambulance doctor – from the Voronezh region 500 kilometers south of Moscow filmed a video with his colleague, Alexander Kosyakin. The two men explained the terrible conditions they were working under, specifically that the chief doctor at the hospital they worked at was forcing the pair to continue on the job…despite Dr. Shulepov’s positive COVID-19 diagnoses.

“They won’t let us off our shift,” Mr. Kosyakin said in the video. “We’re staying at work,” Dr. Shulepov confirmed, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with Mr. Kosyakin. Off camera, a voice told them to stop filming, but they continued.

“This is the reality, from a firsthand account,” Mr. Kosyakin said.

Dr. Shulepov later recorded a second video in which he retracted his complaints, saying his “emotions were running high” at the time. Then, on 2 May, he fell from a window of the hospital where he worked.

Mr. Kosyakin said the facts in the video he recorded with Dr. Shulepov were true and he did not know why Dr. Shulepov recanted his statement. Mr. Kosyakin was unsure how Dr. Shulepov fell from the window, but said he did not think he would jump intentionally.

Dr. Shulepov’s fall is under investigation and police have charged Mr. Kosyakin with an administrative offense for his public criticism.

Hospital workers threatened with legal action

The Alliance of Doctors, a nongovernmental organization, has been critical of government health-care policies. The Alliance stated that hospital executives have pressured doctors to stay quiet and have threatened legal action against anyone who speaks out.

The group said at least five doctors have been reported to Russia’s Investigative Committee, the country’s main federal investigating authority, for speaking out against conditions in hospitals.

more suspicious deaths?

A group of Russian doctors compiled an online Memory List of doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel who died during the outbreak. The list currently has 111 names.

How many of these deaths are due to COVID-19 infection and how many are ‘accidents’?

The Kremlin and Putin are willing to kill former Russian government officials. Silencing healthcare workers to hide how poorly the Kremlin is handing the pandemic is certainly not a reach.

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