Europe – Putin’s Killing Field

Europe becomes pawn in putin's game of murder

France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, and now Austria…what do these and other Western European countries have in common? They are all locations where Putin has sent his hired killers to murder his ‘enemies’.


You read our story about the assassination of a political refugee in Berlin, ‘Tears and Terror in the Tiergarten’. Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, a former Chechen military commander, had sought refuge in Berlin. He was murdered by the Kremlin in a German park full of families and children.


In January of 2020, a prominent opposition leader, Imran Aliev, was stabbed more than 130 times at the Coq Hardi Hotel in Lille, France. French prosecutors said a male suspect departed for Russia the day after the killing.


In February 2020, oppositionist blogger, Tumso Abdurakhamanov, was living in the town of Gavle, Sweden. The Kremlin sent an assassin to murder him with a hammer. Abdurakhamanov was able to survive and capture the attempted murder on tape. The assassin claimed the Kremlin had sent him and they were holding his mother.


July 2020 – Not even one full week ago, police in Vienna detained Sarali Akhtaev and Salman Magamadov. The two men had just assassinated Mamikhan Umarov in a small suburb of Vienna. Umarov, well known in the Austrian Chechen diaspora, also went by the name ‘Martin Beck’ or ‘Anzor From Vienna’. He was another online blogger who was an outspoken critic of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. 

Local reports stated that Akhtaev fled the scene by car but police helicopters tracked him down. Austrian counterterrorism police arrested Magamadov soon after.
We will deliver a full report on the Umarov assassination in an upcoming article.

Europeans Deserve Better

Europeans deserve better from our leaders. We deserve protection from Putin’s violent reach. Our leaders need to start recognizing and pushing back when Russia clearly violates our sovereignty to murder rivals in our parks, in our coffee shops, in our streets.
We have become collateral damage in the murderous game that Putin is playing. Europe is not Putin’s domain and we need to remind him of that.

5 thoughts on “Europe – Putin’s Killing Field”

  1. Николай Михвйлович

    Ви на западу сте управо највећи монструми, убице, психопате, крволоци, садисти и све оно остало најгоре од најгорег што постоји и што је икада до сада постојало.

    1. So what are saying? That Austrians and Czechs are “blood thirsty psychopaths” and deserve to have people murdered in their streets because they disagree with Putin? That the streets of Vienna should be safe from assassins? Are you saying its ok for Russian thugs and hired murderers to use Europe as their playground? That its ok for them to go to parks and places where children play to take out Putin’s rivals? That is pathetic and you know it. Any government that sanctions and approves of assassinations of their rivals, especially in violation of other countries sovereignty betrays our core European values. The only blood thirsty sadists we see are the ones sent by Putin to murder in our streets.

    2. Čitaš čitaš..
      /Фабрика троллей/

      Putler najveći, monstrum, ubica, psihopat, krvolok, sadista i sve ono ostalo najgore od najgoreg što postoji i što je ikada do sada postojalo.
      /Za samo 45.000 rubalja (670 €)/

  2. The main article is in English. Sadly, many of us are not linguists. It could greatly assist readers to have translations of comments that are posted in other languages.
    The fact that comments are in –I think– slavic languages indicates that such people are a part of your audience. This is good.

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