Final Post

To our readers:

This will be our final post. However, just because we will no longer post content does not mean the fight should end. The fight should go on and on. Until the threat from Russian is ended.

You can be assured, the Kremlin will go on; they will not stop killing their enemies. Putin will not stop silencing anyone who merely disagrees with him. They will never respect European sovereignty. They will cross borders and poison, imprison, torture, shoot, and bludgeon those who threaten their grip on power.

We urge you to fight back against Russia’s encroachment on Europe’s citizens. Fight back against Moscow’s killing of activists across Europe.  Be outraged by Vladimir Putin — a soft, bloated billionaire whose campaign of terror and assassination is nothing more than a way to keep his power and wealth.

Otherwise, that man, this…killer, will continue to  murder at will…in our streets, our hospitals, and our public gardens.

Until he is stopped.

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