Putin’s Horrific Hell Hole


Underground torture chamber

We have discussed how Putin and the Kremlin have assassinated innocent men and women around Europe with little pushback from the Western European Governments. Killing4Kremlin wants to share that not only are they killing innocent people, but they are holding people in “Torture Dungeons”, where victims are being mutilated with surgical tools, beaten with hammers, and shocked with electricity.

Patrick Knox from the Sun provided chilling photos allegedly showing the basements used as secret prisons for those who are held captive by Russia-backed rebels and the mercenaries that fight alongside them. These prisons are located in a former nuclear bunker in Eastern Ukraine. Approximately 200 people – including civilians – are in the facilities. 

One of the secret prisons located in a former nuclear bunker in eastern Ukraine

One vile dungeon is the playground of a vicious torturer known as “The Maniac”, – real name reportedly Serhiy Konoplytsky – who uses a surgeon’s kit to mutilate his victims. Prisoners are allegedly shocked with electric wires attached to their genitals, have their fingers bent until they break, or are beaten by former boxers. Sounds of screams are piped through speakers in the prisons as some inmates are stripped naked and left to sleep on wooden pallets beneath blinding lights. The brutality of the dungeons is said to be designed to terrorize the population and deter any local opposition. Locals have dubbed the “Isolation Prison” as the “The Place Where People Disappear”.

Oleksandr Grishchenko, a middle-aged civil servant, was slung into a torture dungeon after being wrongly accused of being a spy by a henchman for the Putin-backed Luhansk People’s Republic. Speaking to Euromaidan Press, which reports about the Russian puppet state, Grishchenko laid bare what happened on arrival at “Batman Prison” – where he was met by The Maniac. First, he was punched by a former professional boxer with a huge broken nose, who was now using his skills to abuse prisoners. Then he said he was stripped naked and electrocuted before his arms were stretched and tied with cords.

Oleksandr Grishchenko

Again, please share this article with your leaders and plead with them the need to place laws and sanctions against Putin and his minions to make sure they stop and never do this again to innocent people. If not, more of this will happen to innocent people and maybe someone you might know.

According tothe Centre for Civil Liberties, these people are among those still captive in the hell-holes
A telephone provides a high-voltage source to electrocute inmates; water is used to conduct the current
Lights are kept on 24 hours a day

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