Ramzan Kadyrov: Aspiring Putin Partner, Actual Putin Pet (Part 1)

“As long as Putin backs me up, I can do everything, Allahu Akbar!”

The man who famously calls himself “Putin’s Warrior and Attack Dog” can best be described as a rabies infected, mentally deficient, annoying pet.

Known the world over as one of the worst abusers of human rights, Chechen leader Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov has clung to power since 2005 by becoming Putin’s lap dog. After his father’s assassination in 2004, Kadyrov was given the title of Deputy Prime Minister. One year later, the sitting Prime Minister, Sergey Abramov, was injured in a car accident, making Kadyrov the new Prime Minister and kicking off a 15 year sycophantic relationship between Kadyrov and Vladimir Putin. Putin looked the other way as Kadyrov became well known as one of the most repulsive leaders in the world, and Kadyrov jumped at the chance, foaming at the mouth, to do his Master’s bidding…carrying out some of the most brutal executions across Europe.


If this relationship appears to be that of an over indulgent father and his pathetic child, desperate for his approval and attention, you would not be far off. While Kadyrov considers himself a family man, a man of religious virtue, he surrounds himself with lavish trinkets, expensive cars, celebrity filled parties, and personal zoos…all while his own people either starve or are ‘disappeared’ for daring to question his leadership.

All the while, Putin rolls his eyes and pats his little pet on the head as long as Kadyrov and his group of cult like devotees takes care of any little ‘problem’ that the Kremlin might be having. Those problems are journalists, opposition leaders, former associates that spoke to freely in public.

Often enough, these assassinations don’t even happen on Chechen soil. Putin has clearly given the nod for his pup to hunt down his victims anywhere they may have sought refuge in Europe.

The Bodies keep Stacking Up

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Kadyrov piece where we highlight just a few of the assassinations committed over the last 10 years, with specific attention to the current threat Putin’s Pet poses to Europe now.

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