Tears and Terror in Tiergarten – Part 2

Russia Assassinates Asylum Seeker on German Soil - Germany Fights Back

In Part 1 of our series on the Tiergarten Murder, we shared the story of Russia violating German sovereignty to execute one of their rivals. Now we’ll talk about how the assassin traveled across Europe to murder a political asylum seeker in a family park.

When it comes to murdering those they disagree with, the Kremlin shows zero respect for the autonomy of its neighboring countries or the innocents who may be harmed while they take out their target in parks and coffee shops. We saw this in the parks in London and in the parking garages of Bulgaria.

When the Kremlin sends their hired muscle to take out a target, they often set them on the same path many of us take on holidays. Sharing queues and benches with innocent locals and tourists with a pistol under their shirt or poison in their pocket.

Berlin’s assassin followed this same seemingly innocent path towards his victim.

Vadim Nikolaevich Krasikov’s Big Day Out
A man traveling from Moscow to Paris on a French-issued visa, under the name Vadim Sokolov, was biding his time before entering Berlin six days before he was to murder Zelimkhan Khangoshvili. Vadim Sokolov is really Vadim Krasikov…a previously wanted man with an interpol red notice for murder.
How did Vadim Krasikov become Vadim Sokolov with such ease? According to Bellingcat research, Vadim Sokolov had all the right paperwork to include national IDs, passports, and a clean record. The French issuance of a visa was easy to obtain with such authentic documents. This points to clear Kremlin involvement in the assassination.
Not only did the Kremlin likely order and condone the assassination of Khangoshvili on German soil, they paved the way for Krasikov to travel there with ease. With Putin’s help, Vadim Krasikov became Vadim Sokolov, a simple Russian tourist who wanted to see the Eiffel Tower before murdering a man returning from prayer service in a park filled with children.

Part 3 – Germany Fights Back
When we return with part 3 of this series, we’ll discuss how Germany has had enough. After expelling Russian diplomats out of Germany, Berlin is sending a clear message to the Kremlin that they refuse to accept political assassinations on their soil.

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