Tears and Terror in Tiergarten – Part 1

Tears and Terror as Russia violates german sovereignty to murder a rival in family park

On 23 August, 2019, as German families enjoyed a beautiful day in the Tiergarten in Berlin, a Russian assassin hid cowardly in the bushes, awaiting his target.

Russian national Vadim Krasikov crouched with his weapon in the greenery, surrounded by families with children enjoying their time in the popular Berlin park. He was waiting for a man who he knew would be walking home from attending prayer services at a local mosque.

That man would not make it home to his own family. As Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, a Georgian citizen living in Berlin, made his way through the Tiergarten paths, Krasikov ran towards him and fired three fatal bullets.


As Khangoshvili lay dying, his killer took to mounting a two wheeled bike in an attempt to pedal away to safety. A blockbuster movie getaway scene this was not.

As if Krasikov was in a satirical spy movie, he comically pedaled away…still wearing his wig, with the gun he just used to murder a man in a plastic bag on the bike handles. He promptly tossed all the evidence into the river…right in front of two German teenagers who identified him to authorities.


Krasikov and the Kremlin have denied having any ties whatsoever to the assassination on German soil, straining already weak ties between the countries.

“This matter is being somehow hyped by the German media, but this does not mean that things are actually as they say”, stated Russian Presidential representative, Dmitry Peskov.

German officials reacted strongly by expelling two Russian diplomats, noting Moscow’s refusal to cooperate in the high-profile murder investigation.

When we return with Part 2 of this story, we’ll take a look at the journey the assassin took through Europe to reach his final destination in Berlin and expose ways Russia is abusing the sovereignty of EU nations to publically execute its rivals.


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