The Candy Man

Russian Embassy in Prague Requests Police Protection After One Of Their Own Gets Caught In Assassination Plot

It seems the aggressor is now crying victim after a Russian Embassy Official in Prague was caught in a plot to assassinate Prague municipal politicians on Czech Republic soil, leading to alleged threats to Embassy staff. Embassy-of-the-Russian-Federation-in-Czech-Republic

History Repeats Itself

Does this sound familiar at all? It should because it has happened before…and before and before, all around Europe. Russia uses its hired thugs and ‘government officials’ to carry out assassinations of those they deem enemies or adversaries to their world view. This most recent case involved several Czech mayors who dared to push back on Russian influence in their homeland. In mid-April, Prague mayor Zdenek Hrib confirmed he and Prague-6 district head Ondreh Kolar were under police protection following a Russian poisoning plot. “All I can tell you is that I’ve been granted police protection. It was assigned to me because there’s a Russian here who has been given the task of liquidating me, ” Kolar told the Czech Prima TV station.

A Statue

Why would Russia be trying to assassinate a local mayor? What could be so nefarious to warrant this kind of lethal attention? Recently, Hrib and Kolar clashed with Moscow earlier this month after they spearheaded the removal of a controversial Cole War-era statue dedicated to Soviet general Ivan Konev, a move Russian diplomats called an “unfriendly” act of “vandalism by unhinged municipal representatives.” Moscow sent an assassin to kill two beloved local politicians over a statue…a statue of a man deemed a hero by Russians and seen as a symbol of Soviet-era oppression by Czechs. statue

Protection Required

So why is the Russian Embassy in Prague now calling for police protection? The Russian Embassy to the Czech Republic has informed the Czech authorities that an embassy official is receiving threats. “The embassy has to ask the Czech side to provide police protection to the diplomatic mission’s employee.” the Russian embassy said in a statement published on Facebook. That Russian Embassy Official happens to be the actor involved in the alleged assassination plot against the Prague officials. This is the same Embassy Official who denied the charges by declaring that he was simply bringing disinfectant and candy through customs, not the deadly Ricin poison. “The embassy has asked the Czech Foreign Ministry to take all necessary measures to prevent any trespasses tot he person, freedom, and dignity of its employee. Because of the harassment of the Russian diplomat unleashed by the Czech media, he started to receive threats,” the embassy said in its statement. The Russian government is now blaming the Czech government and media and calling their accounts of the incident fake to include statements by Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov…and if that name stands out, it’s because he was also the foreign minister at the time of the Skripal assassination attempt. It seems Lavrov is getting very good at denying Russian assassination attempts on foreign soil.      

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