The Link of Deception: Andrey Averyanov and his role in the Czech Depot Explosion

Our last post discussed how Czech authorities linked the GRU to the explosion of the ammunition depot in October 2014. Bellingcat came out with an article earlier this week that provided further detail on the attack and how multiple operatives from the famous GRU 29155 Unit were involved in the explosion.

One key point in the article was that the GRU commander, Col General Andrey Averyanov (Photo Below), supervised it personally. He traveled undercover to Central Europe at the exact time of the operations and left back to Moscow mere hours after the explosion.

Bellingcat noted that senior intelligence commanders of this rank do not normally travel undercover due to operations risks. The direct involvement of Averyanov also ties in the political leadership in Russia as Averyanov is directly communicates with the Kremlin including Foreign Minister Lavrov, with him he had a ton of communications repeatedly before and in the aftermath of the Skripal poisoning.

The article provides details on the preparation of the trip, how the numerous GRU 29155 groups met and how they left the region after the explosion. Bellingcat is working on the likely motives for this operation as well as its links to the subsequent poisoning of three Bulgarians back in 2015. We at Killing4Kremlin will provide the summary when it comes out.

We need our European countries to realize the steps and details the Kremlin will take to travel around Europe to harm our citizens, our loved ones! More restrictions and technology need to be placed around borders to monitor Russians from coming in your country and wreaking havoc.

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