We Would Have Finished the Job

Putin Brags About Kremlin Assassination Techniques While Denying Navalny Murder Attempt

“If we wanted to poison him, we’d have finished the job,” Putin said, letting out a nervous chuckle. “I gave the go-ahead to let him out of the country for treatment.”
Was the nervousness due to Putin telling such an obvious lie about his attempt to assassinate Navanly or was it due to the fact that the Kremlin HAS failed before in their poison escapades?
Emilian Gebrev and Sergei Skripal also managed to avoid death by inept Kremlin poisoning.
Russia agents carried out a second assassination attempt on Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny before he was flown to Berlin, a British newspaper has alleged. Moscow has repeatedly denied any involvement in the
The pilot of the plane made an emergency landing in the city of Omsk allowing an ambulance crew to administer him with atropine, an antidote for poison. It is believed that the antidote may have also prevented the success of the second assassination attempt.
“That atropine saved his life,” former commander of the British
army’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment, Hamish
de Bretton-Gordon told The Times.
“Nerve agents cause multiple organ failure. The lungs give up first and you die. Used quickly, atropine reverses the effects.”
The Times alleged that Russian security forces may have influenced the doctor who treated Navalny in Omsk — he would later announce that Putin’s greatest critic was probably suffering from a metabolic disorder rather than
The Kremlin also deflected condemnations from over 50 countries suggesting that instead Navalny was poisoned with Novichok — the Soviet-developed nerve agent — after arriving in Germany.


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